How to stop watching Reels.

Nirjhar Kasar
3 min readJul 9, 2023

Every hour that you spend every day watching Reel is taking away from the person you are, the person you want to become, the person you wish to be

I started watching short form video on 2018, it started with TiK Tok, and then migrated to reels in 2020, as tik tock got banned in India. While Tik Tok India was gross, when reel debuted it was good. How I define gross and good is as per my convenience. Gross used to be labour class dancing or doing idiotic shitty and funny stuff with a catchy background music. Good was some education mixed with funny content, like how you can invest wisely, or how you should link aadhar to xyz to do something. But it all went downhill like most good things.

Education in Reels is like banana in your highly sweet banofee pie, or peperoni in your pizza, to put it simply its paper in your cigarette, its there to hold it together will you waste your life in a never ending scroll.

Start with awareness.

Your one hour can be so much.

Start with nothing.

Put away your phone for that one hour.

It will be difficult.

Unfortunately- cold turkey is not an option. You will have to see it somehow or other. But the only way is to be aware.

With patience and persistence, slowly, slowly, keep faith in yourself. As you detach, you will feel an extreme urge. Understand that your awareness to this extreme urge is your first and biggest step to ending this addiction.

Once you've noticed, and persisted to free your hour, think, think of how you can use it.

You can choose to talk to people you live with, or pick up the laptop. Don’t shift to TV, because that's another sucker.

Best you can do, is to read a book, read on you laptop.

And remember what you so desperately wanted to do when you were young and free. Oftentimes when there is nothing to do are the times that you realize what you want to do. Freeing yourself was never the goal of giving up on an addiction, freeing means nothing, you are the force of your desire to be, to accomplish, to create, to evolve and to be, who you want to be. Reclaiming comes only when you catch and let go, catch what you want and become the person you wanted to be and then let go, to start new, or build from what you created.

Watching reels endlessly makes you lesser of a human, yes, while for most of us it is, but if you are someone who makes their lifes living off reels, by being a creator of content or advertiser be not be ashamed, because this is not for you. It is for masses who are not getting the hang of the change.