Journey towards reclaiming your self!

Nirjhar Kasar
2 min readApr 13, 2021

Giving makes for a good personality! We give when we are born, we accommodate, cry, weep, learn to adjust, gel with our surroundings, and become a sum together of who we interact with, what we watch, what we create. But there comes a time when we want to disconnect and just be our original self, to create the version of ourself that we want to live with, nurture, grow and be a person that reflects why we started. But often when we try anything it becomes hard, withdrawal is always mightier than pleasure of new, and the sheer drive through pain and suffering of claiming a certain structure is the difference. So, how do you do? Start slow but resilient, know that you will betray yourself, determination is the key!

Learning an Instrument — Tune your ears. Easiest way to learn an instrument is to just google the simplest song and get the wow of your loved ones. But take a step up and blister your fingers on the guitar, or break the drum, originality has a cost!

Plant Love — Heartless it is to buy plants and not care from them, not make them grow and not nurture. Starting slow is critical, of course there are no repercussions but only once you form a bond with them your healing starts

Become the painter — To paint is to express, and while it is easy to connect the dots or make something that is customary. When you paint with swirl of emotions and reflect your true light or darkness is when you create.

Running is an obsession —How you change when you run is severely underestimated. As kids all of us use to run, however only a few grownups run ever, thats actually catastrophic. Imagine a child who loves doing something and completely stops doing that thing due to a trauma, we all are living this trauma with running.

Cooking heals — Cooking like Maths is ruined with pressure, let it flourish, experiment, create your own. When you explore, experience is when you find the joy, outside

Reading therapy — When you read you imagine, and all of life is how you imagine it to be. Long reads are getting out of fashion, however, the impact of long reads and novels stays the same.

Creating is a joy, when you create you heal, originality is scarce, reclaiming your self is a necessity, if you cant fix whats broken, you'll go insane.